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4 in 1 high pressure shower head spare parts

4 in 1 high pressure shower head spare parts

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Why Buy?

Opt for our premium ABS shower head, offering a relaxing and versatile shower experience with its multiple modes, soothing massage function and durable quality.

Product Benefits

Made of high quality ABS material, safe and environmentally friendly, wear resistant and impact resistant.

Multi-mode selection to meet everyone's needs when showering. The massage head function allows you to relax while washing.

Use different modes to rinse the head, and the shower with filter keeps the water clean while passing.
The smooth surface does not irritate the hands, whether it is an adult or a child, you can use it with confidence.

Technical Specifications

Product category: Shower/Shower
Features: Spray, Massage, Beauty, Bubble, Rain Shower
Material: ABS
Installation Type: 4-point interface
Process: Spray painting
Operating temperature: normal temperature
Style: Light luxury
Shower shape: Round

Warranty and Support

At NOS Utilities, we are committed to providing superior quality products and exceptional customer service. Our refund policy is designed to give you complete peace of mind.
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